The Cape of Good Hope

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We just got back to Johannesburg after a wonderful trip to Cape Town! We arrived in Cape Town late on Wednesday last week and it was great waking up on Thursday morning and gaze out over the Atlantic Ocean and Robben Island. Me and my little family enjoyed a breakfast at Tasha’s in the Waterfront Mall (love Tasha’s, especially their breakfast) before we loaded up with tons of snacks and drinks and started the drive down to The Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. Claudine was asleep within 5 minutes and slept all the way there, a scenic 1,5 hour drive. We started with going to Cape Point – a good hike up the mountain to a lighthouse. (If you don’t like hiking you can always take the little train. There’s also a restaurant and a gift shop.) I took Claudine in the carrier on my back and walked up and the view was absolutely spectacular!! There was a lot of wild baboons on the path so Claudine thought it was very exciting! The nature in this area is really cool, it’s like the moores of Scotland meeting the French Riviera with crystal clear water, white beaches and mountains. It’s very green and flowers everywhere, funny how much it felt like being back in Europe! We finished with stopping by at the Cape of Good Hope to have our picture taken just like all the other tourists. It’s mindblowing to think that south of this point there’s just a whole lot of water and nothing else until you reach Antarctica! Then we got back in the car again, Claudine fell asleep like a true champ and slept all the way back to Cape Town. My little globetrotter ❤

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Views from the drive there

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Resting at the top! You can see the parking where we started from behind us.

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Look daddy, baboons!

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Yay! We made it too the cape!

By the way, if your going to the Cape of Good Hope you should stop by at Boulder’s Beach right outside Simon’s Town to look at African penguins in the wild!



Bois Cheri tea plantation

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A couple of weeks ago we had an absolute dream holiday in Mauritius! I’m working on a general blog post from our trip but thought I would start by showing you guys some pictures from a tea plantation we visited – Bois Cheri Ile Maurice. It was interesting to see and learn more about how tea is made as we love tea and drink quite a lot of it. We started in the factory where we learned about all the different stages of tea making, from fresh leaf to when the tea is packed. Then we continued through the plantations up to a beautiful villa where we enjoyed a tea tasting session with a wonderful view over tea plantations and a small lake.

I’ve just been to see the physio for yet another treatment, getting so tired of being injured! Apparently it’s not my ankle that is the problem but my lower back and the pain is then spreading down through my entire leg. So both my leg an my ankle is all swollen and right now I can hardly go for a walk without being in a lot of pain… Really hope I’m getting better soon, can’t wait until I’m well enough to go back to boxing! Well well, enough with the complaining! On Wednesday we’re leaving Joburg for a long weekend in Cape Town and Franschoek, I hope to post the rest of the pictures from Mauritius before we leave.


Little miss swimmer


Even though it feels surreal when you’ve relocated and all of a sudden find yourself detached from everything and everyone you know there comes a day when you wake up and realize that you have routines and a ‘normal’ day to day life in your new country. Since I moved from Sweden people have often asked me about what I’m doing during the days so I thought I’d share I little bit about our activities here!

First of all, it takes time and effort to settle in a new country. Just to go grocery shopping is a mission because you don’t find your way around and the stores don’t offer the same things as the ones back home. It also takes a lot of time and effort to network and meet new people.  I try to get out of the house to do an activity every day! We finally have two cars (buying cars here as foreigners is quite a hassle) as you get need a car here to do anything, without one you get isolated!

Somehow we’ve managed to sign Claudine up for four different activities a week – swimming twice a week, Bouncing Bunnies (gymnastics for babies) and Music Box (music and dance class). She loves all the activities and she’s having so much fun with the other babies! She’s at a stage right now where she screams of excitement as soon as she see’s another kid, haha! It might sound crazy to put a 15 month old in swim school but considering how much time you spend in the water in this heat it’s really good to teach them early! Claudine is already kicking, going under the surface, climbs out of the pool and last week she took her first swim strokes – need I say this was one proud mama?!

I’m doing boxing in a fight club 2-3 times a week and I absolutely love it! Unfortunately I sprained my ankle a couple of weeks ago and have had quite a bad muscle inflammation in my leg so haven’t been able to go all in lately. However, I’m seeing a physio who treats my leg and ankle with lazer and ultra sounds to I really hope I’m better really soon!

Now she just woke up from her nap so we’re having some lunch and then I think we’ll go outside to play in the garden or even take a swim in the pool!

Talk to you soon!

Buitengeluk in Broadacres

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We’ve been to Broadacres Shopping Center a couple of times but had totally missed this hidden gem! It’s behind the shops, past the garden shop, through the playground and out on the back so it’s not very easy to find if you don’t know it’s there. It’s absolutely stunning! There’s a fishpond, a glasshouse, flowers everywhere and a really nice looking restaurant. We haven’t tried their food yet, but it’s definately on our to do list. So happy to have found this beautiful place, it feels like a piece of Europe in the middle of Africa.

Ma petite chérie

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Finally we’re starting to get some routines to our daily life. It might sound boring with routines but it really makes life easier, especially with a kid. It’s just been impossible to keep our own when we’ve been staying with family, friends and in hotels. Especially as I’m one who easily fall in to other peoples routines. But now we’re slowly getting there! 

We usually take Claudine to the playground and then for a run on the grass field just around the corner in the afternoon. She thinks it’s a lot of fun running down the hills holding my hand and giggles all the way, haha! Sweetheart! If we’re lucky she’s hungry when we get back home and I cook for her, she eats, baths and then we play until she’s tired. Usually she falls asleep around 8, just as she’s been doing ever since she was just a couple of months old.


Getting out of the house

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Finally things have started to turn around for us and I have to admit it – I’m slowly starting to feel at home here! I sometimes doubted I would say those words but it’s true. Of course I’m not completely there yet but at least I’m not feeling homesick ALL of the time, hehe. The last couple of days have been a lot of fun! It all started with me GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE last Thursday! It might sound so simple but for someone who is new to a place, don’t really know too many people yet and aren’t too familiar with the city or places it just takes some effort to get out of the house without having a plan. It’s so easy to get isolated when you’ve just relocated. If you’re in a similar situation like mine – just get out there and see where it’s taking you! It’s so worth the effort!

For me a lunch in Broadacres led me to The Bub Hub, the cutest little store where they have a lot of fun classes for kids. A class was just about to start and Claudine walked right in as if it was the most natural thing that she would join the class, haha! Luckily we could stay and we had so much fun! I’ve now signed her up for a weekly music class with other babies her age and I’m really looking forward to it! Leaving the class we were head hunted for a diaper brand TV commercial, so the day after we did a test shoot in Rosebank! Such a fun experience. Who knows, maybe you’ll see us in a commercial soon, haha! Cross your fingers!

One on one

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The other day me and Tobias went for a date one on one, something we haven’t really been spoiled with this past year. I guess that’s the way it is when you have a small baby and are living far away from our families like we do, and aren’t comfortable in leaving your baby with just anyone. However, we’ve finally found a nanny that we like and trust and slowly Claudine is getting used to her. Even though it feels very strange for me not having Claudine around I think it’s good for both of us to spend an hour or two apart from time to time (even though it’s breaking my heart every time and I feel like I’m missing a limb or  something). I really enjoyed a lunch and a coffee in complete calmness though, not having to leave my chair once and just talk about our dreams and future – just like we always used to do on our dates! I think we’ve just had too much other things going on lately that we haven’t really thought about those things… But it’s one of the favourite things about our relationship – that we’re are two total dreamers and nothing is ever impossible. The sky is the limit and the future always looks bright! ❤